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We expecting puppies from extraordinary dogos!
For additional information please contact us
Whatsapp +7 910 401-2827

     Important notice:
     We perform delivery to Canada (with special animal cargo),
to the USA (to limited airports such as New York NY, Washington DC, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Chicago IL) - please send a request for availability of delivery to your place
European countries (to owner's home, with tax paid)
and to India, Pakistan and Asia Pacific region (Thailand, Philippines) (with special animal cargo). All deliveries perform directly or through third countries

Our mission is preservation and research in one of the best breed in the world - the Dogo Argentino

Our goal is to raise physically and menthally healthy dogos with great temperament, conformation, protection and prey drive to let the breed stay universal and completely functional as it was originally conceived by the creator Dr. A.N.Martinez. We would like to see "forms and function" go along together. 

Our biggest proud is to see our dogos hunt, protect, live in families with kids and pets and give unconditional love and protection to their people. 

Please be ready to spend time on daily basis to proper socialization, physical excersizes and obedience training of your puppy till the age of maturity (the age of 2 years). Dogo Argentino is working breed and need in owner's control while growing and all family members should be involved. 

We're located in Russia in two biggest cities Moscow and Saratov. Our puppies live almost in every place of the world and we feel proud our dogos represent the breed in its best!

Our puppies delivered as first class passengers with personal escort service directly to owner's door step (service applied for owners in Europe) or to airport of destination (for all countries). Also available delivery with special animal cargo service to cargo department at airport of destination (applied for Canada, Finnland, Pakistan, Pacific Asian region, Russia).

Our puppies are going with completed two round vaccination shots, veterinary records, monthly dewormings, health check, hearing test with BAER hearing test certificate, possibility of full registration with breeding rights, FCI-RKF International Pedigree, microchip. Puppies do not need in additional quarantine apon arrival and delivered to owner's home right after landing at the airport of destination.

At owner's request we can arrange ears cropping at state veterinary clinic.  


Все наши щенки имеют клеймо, метрику щенка для оформления родословной РКФ, прививки по возрасту, необходимые обработки от паразитов, ветеринарные паспорта, проверку слуха, проверку здоровья у ветеринарного врача. По запросу будущего владельца возможно чипирование, купирование ушек в  ветеринарной клинике под общим наркозом. Щенки могут быть отправлены в любую точку России и мира с курьером по предварительному согласованию.

Junior Champion Russia

Champion Russia


Pakhra Magnifika Elvis
Olive Pakhra Magnifika

Junior Champion Russia

Russian Kynological Federation

Champion Russia

Champion Russian Kynological Federation



whatsapp +79104012827

Day Pakhra Magnifika

Junior Grand Champion Russia

Junior Champion Russia

Junior Champion National Dogo Argentino Club

Champion Russia

Champion of Russian 

Kynological Federation

3x Winner of National Breed Club


Shakira Pakhra Magnifika

Junior Champion Russia

Junior Champion Russian Kynological Federation

Champion Russia



whatsapp +79104012827

Pakhra Magnifika dogo argentino kennel
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